Lead Track

Many people desire to be in leadership, but they don't know how to go about doing getting there! That is why we have created a simple plan to help people get started. It gives people confidence to get started and something to fall back on when they get off-track or lose their way.

We call our simple plan Lead Track. Just as Growth Track answers the universal question, "What is my next step at Daystar?", Lead Track is designed to answer the question, "How do I become a better leader?"

Lead Track will help you to discover which step of leadership you are created to serve within and then help you to maximize your capacity as you lead in that step.

LEAD Step 1 - Apprentice

Apprentices learn what leadership looks like within the context of ministry.

LEAD Step 2 - Leader

Leaders empower team members to succeed.

LEAD Step 3 - Coach

Coaches make leaders better.

LEAD Step 4 - Coordinator

Coordinators lead ministry by empowering coaches.

Interested in Lead Track?

Lead Track is taught on any 5th Sunday throughout the year in place of Growth Track. Please follow the link below and register for the time and place you want to attend.