Many people desire to be in leadership, but they don't know how to go about doing getting there!

A lot of things seem complicated without clear instructions. However, a simple plan gives us confidence to get started and something to fall back on when we get off-track or lose our way.

That is where Lead Track comes in. Just as Growth Track answers the universal question, "What is my next step at Daystar?", Lead Track is designed to answer the question, "How do I become a better leader?"

Like many things, as we get better at leading and prove our success, God gives us increasing opportunities to do so, both inside and outside the church. Lead Track will help you discover which step of leadership you are created to serve within and then help you maximize your capacity as a you lead in that step.

LEAD Step 1 - Apprentice

Apprentice is the first the in the LEAD Track process. Apprentices learn what leadership looks like within the context of ministry.

LEAD Step 2 - Leader

Leader is the second step in the LEAD Track process. Leaders direct others through relationships in order to take action and move them from where they are to where God wants them to be.

LEAD Step 3 - Coach

Coach is the third step in the LEAD Track process. Coaches empower other leaders to succeed by coaching, encouraging, challenging, and mentoring.

LEAD Step 4 - Coordinator

Coordinator is the fourth step in the LEAD Track process. Coordinators provide strategic guidance to areas of ministry to ensure long-term growth and effectiveness.

Interested in Lead Track?

What level of leadership has God called you to? Get engaged in the A-Team and tell your ministry leader you are interested in leadership. They will help you use LEAD Track to find it!