Small Group Directory Opens August 27th!

Fall Semester

September 10-December 9

What are small groups?

We believe establishing healthy relationships with others is essential to our spiritual growth. Therefore, we want everyone at Daystar to be involved in a small group! Small groups are simply 8-12 people that meet together every week for about 12 weeks, and we offer 3 of these 12-week segments (semesters) each year. Our small groups are centered around a variety of topics that vary as much as the people in them. Some are associated with hobbies or activities, others are centered around a specific "life-stage", and some are a Bible Study.

Bottom line: small groups provide you a place to connect and grow spiritually alongside others.

How do small groups work?

Daystar's small groups follow a "Free Market" model. Just as the name implies, this provides the freedom to decide what group is best for you!

This means that a group can be focused on theology, spiritual disciplines, a book of the Bible, community outreach/evangelism or simply activities such as scrapbooking, mountain biking or hiking. The choice is yours! What does matter is that they are about creating relationships where people can grow closer to each other and to God on their spiritual journey.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get into a small group is to attend Growth Track, offered after the last morning service at every campus. Growth Track starts with Daystar 101 the first Sunday of every month. If you have already attended Growth Track, then your next step is Small Group Rally Day. Rally Day happens on a specific Sunday morning 3 times a year (mid Sept, Jan, and May) and gives all of our small groups to chance represent themselves. This lets you see what groups are offered, meet the small group leader, and sign up!

If you want more specific help, you can contact our Small Groups Pastor, Dan Thomas, at