Worship & Production

Worship & Production

It is our belief that good music alone cannot change an individual’s life. At Daystar, our culture of worship is focused upon the glory of Christ and His praise alone. As we praise Christ, His presence changes our lives. It is our desire that the people who attend our services encounter God and in return are led to praise His name. Daystar worship simply uses musical excellence and relevant music as a tool to help people experience God in this manner. We are creating a culture of worshipers who will impact this generation with the love of Christ!


Daystar worship has a passion for developing both new worship leaders and worship technicians and Cultivate is the process we have created to see this through. Cultivate is designed to do just what its name implies: cultivate the gift and passion for worship that God has created in a person's life. We intentionally combine stage worship and technical worship because we believe that they are dependent upon one another.

The technical training portion of Cultivate equips volunteers in the areas of video, computer graphics, audio and lighting. While becoming more musically and technically proficient, each person will learn how to effectively lead worship from a technical standpoint.

All students involved in the program will move at their own pace, and instructors will decide when students will progress on a case by case basis. Someone may be in the program for a month or a year, but the outcome is still the same: a musically and spiritually prepared worship leader or worship technician with a passion for God and a desire to lead His people into worship. If you're interested in becoming a part of Cultivate, please click on the button.